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Treasured stories, grounded in less

CIMELIA is a lifestyle blog sharing inspiring content centred around fashion, food, beauty and travel for the 30+ woman. Through our imagery, writing and product curation we hope to help others to live and express their fullest and most authentic self.

Our brand name CIMELIA has its origins in Medieval Latin and Greek, meaning "heirlooms or treasures".

True to that meaning, we focus on curating and designing purposeful, functional, well-made items to love and treasure for years to come. It is our aim to build a platform and brand that provides an alternative to the “buy today, throw away tomorrow” model and supports a more considered approach to consumption.



I started CIMELIA with a strong belief in making better choices in every aspect of life and a deep passion for fashion, food and travel.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, but with Indian parents I grew up under the influence of two cultures. This experience taught me both the Swiss ideals of precision and quality as well as a focus on community and sharing instilled by my Indian heritage. All of these beliefs were influential in the founding and principles of CIMELIA.

I worked in finance for one of the leading banks in Switzerland. Besides my passions, I find joy in telling stories by capturing  authentic moments and sharing my home and table with family and friends.



Finding enjoyment in creative work from an early age, I have long envisioned establishing a multi-passioned business. CIMELIA is the consolidation of those early dreams and the desire to build a business rooted in craftsmanship, story telling and slow living.

Of Swiss/Indonesian heritage, I studied and lived in England for some years before returning to my native Switzerland. My somewhat unconventional résumé includes work in the theatre and the legal field, as well as industry training at the London College of Fashion and the Swiss Textile College.

My long-standing interest in history, the arts and collecting vintage clothing continues to nurture my business and inspires my aesthetic.


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