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Our Mission

CIMELIA is a blog for petite women, sharing a conscious lifestyle centered around sustainable fashion, beauty and travel. We speak specifically to petite women who care about mindful consumption and ethical production. By focusing our product curation, styling advice and inspiration on Asian makers, we provide a unique, petite-friendly experience.

Our brand name CIMELIA has its origins in Medieval Latin and Greek, meaning "heirlooms or treasures".

True to that meaning, we focus on curating purposeful, functional, well-made items to love and treasure for years to come. It is our aim to build a platform and brand for petite women that provides an alternative to the “buy today, throw away tomorrow” model and supports a more considered approach to consumption.

If you love to discover independent designers and want to know more about the stories behind the makers & the brands, then you are in the right place.


About Us


While we have known each other for years and shared many highs and lows together, it never crossed our minds to build a business together. But as we hit our 30s, we both felt an increasing dissatisfaction with our careers and the desire for a more meaningful direction. During long dinners and over one too many glasses of wine we hatched the idea for a place to combine our shared interest in slow fashion and mindful, sustainable living.

We were increasingly disillusioned by the prevailing fast consumption and both believed that there must be a way to curate products that puts people before profit and brings value to all our lives. Here at CIMELIA, we see sustainability as being aware of what and how you consume and the habits you can adopt to effect positive change.

We want to live that change by showcasing ethical brands that serve the needs of petite women. From our personal experience, we know that petites are still an underserved community, specifically in the area of sustainable fashion. This has driven us to create a platform for petite women that not only highlights fashion but all areas of a conscious lifestyle.

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