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The symbolism and significance of hair reaches across cultures and centuries. Long hair specifically has associations with femininity, social status and spirituality. In some cultures, hair is believed to be an extension of a person’s soul or spirit, so growing your hair long would connect you more strongly to that spirit world, imbuing its wearer with strength and special powers.

So with over two decades of learning and experience under my belt, here are my top tips for growing and maintaining long healthy hair.

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Make-up, like clothes, is such a wonderful tool of expression. A bold red lip, a slick of eyeliner or a dab of blush can also really transform how one feels. Just like Cinderella would not be complete without her glass slipper, so we can feel "unfinished" without our signature make-up in place. Make-up can be as powerful as providing a visual armour of sorts to face tough times or as simple as a bolt of joy upon application of a new lip colour.

Through this editorial-style shoot, we hope to illustrate the joy of make-up and also to show that a basic look can be transformed and changed into something more dramatic and striking by only a few tweaks. What's more, these looks can easily be adapted to make use of what you already have in your make-up collection and to suit your particular skin tone. Get playing!

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Doesn’t it often seem like the weekend goes by twice as fast as the work week? Before you know it, Monday has rolled around again and you feel as if you had barely time to take a breath, let alone relax.

Instead of fretting about something that cannot be changed, why not use the time you have for a simple at-home beauty ritual? I personally love ending my weekend this way, as it helps me shift my focus (and potential worries) away from what is yet to come on to the present moment.

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